Title Services

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Red Shoe Title, Inc. is Middle Tennessee’s premier attorney-owned and managed title company. Attorneys Mary Beth Hagan and Josh Jenkins bring decades of legal experience tackling real estate issues and their wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate transactions, construction law issues, and probate. At Red Shoe Title, Inc. you will receive unparalleled customer service as well as unmatched behind-the-scenes legal considerations to bring you comfort in knowing your real estate title work is done right.

At Red Shoe Title, Inc., you can trust you have found the right partners for your real estate transactions. We handle both residential and commercial real estate closings, as well as standalone title search services. Whether you borrow money from a lender or are ready to purchase with cash, Red Shoe Title, Inc. can handle your transaction scenario. We work with multiple title insurance underwriters in order to service your title insurance needs.

Our title agents are our owners. While other title companies may have an attorney owner or an attorney who can be called with questions, we wanted to bring more at Red Shoe Title, Inc. That is why our attorney-owners are also the managers of the title company. Committing to have one of our owners at the closing table when possible and to have our attorneys reviewing title searches and resolving title issues in-house allows Red Shoe Title, Inc. to bring a level of legal professionalism to our title work that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Residential Transactions

At Red Shoe Title, Inc. we work closely with you and your realtor to help you quickly move through the home-buying process. Searching title early is your best option to getting to the closing table on time. As soon as we receive your contract, we move into the title search phase so that any issues are discovered early and can be addressed. We understand whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an experienced purchaser that you want the best value with accuracy and efficiency in order to close on your next home purchase.

Commercial Transactions

We have a wealth of experience in commercial real estate purchases. We understand that your purchase of property is in furtherance of your business goals, and we work to move you through the process with a high attention to detail in order to get you to the finish line. You have more important things to do than to hound a title company. Communication is key in our relationships, and we strive to be the one keeping you up-to-date on the next steps in your transaction.

Why the red shoe?

When someone walks in wearing red shoes, you notice, right? That first impression stands out in your mind and you know that person has a creative perspective. The same is true at Red Shoe Title, Inc. We stand out in the crowd not only because of our red shoes, but also because we give careful attention to efficiency, accuracy, and communication in the closing process. Our attorney-owners are intimately involved in your closing transaction from start to finish. This provides you with unparalleled service and stands out like a good pair of red shoes.